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The Deer Goes To Church

The mountain yeti was melancholy. He had lost all his forest friends and was a little sad. He prayed for a little bit and read his Bible. He read all of Genesis and thought about what he read. There was a time in his life when he was on fire, but, that was a long time ago. Now, he just glanced over the Bible and read the books he wanted to read. When all of a sudden, his friend, the deer, knocked on the tree branch and they went to the river to get a drink of water. They had a good long talk about life and what they always wanted to do. The mountain yeti always wanted make his own home and he had the designs made up. The deer just nodded and took a sip of the river water and the deer asked if he wanted to join a ministry. Well, he was part of the youth group as a young mountain yeti but he never thought that he would serve again. But, his life was going nowhere and he agreed to it. He took his Bible and went to church where he met the head pastor. After a short interview, he joined the peer counseling ministry where he would talk with other animals that were going through a tough time. It was draining but, he enjoyed listening to the other animals. He would always end the session with a bear hug. It was a great time of growing in knowledge and ministering at the same time.

Cats on Parade

“Its a cat, sir,” She stated.Her customer maintained his gaze into the picture of the cat. “Are you sure?” he responded. She assured him it was a cat and he stood up and said that he would buy the picture. Her customer asked for a discount and she relented and gave him a 10% discount on the cat picture. He was happy.

It was beyond absurdity. Five hundred billion people walking down the street in business suits holding signs and carrying on. They were on a parade for business people who wanted to seek business consulting and to push nap time at work. Many held briefcases while others carried portfolios that could attach to their belts. They all had cell phones and were talking to their friends. At one point, a small riot erupted when a car was pushed over by the professionals wearing business suits. They were told to put their stuff in a box and they were escorted from the parade. There was free coffee all along the parade route with powdered creamer and sugar packets, unfortunately, they ran out of stir sticks. The reason for their event was to mandate nap time for everyone. So, when the day became time for a nap, everyone took out their mats and went to sleep, because they took their 15 mins. They all awakened after a couple minutes refreshed. When they all made it to the finish line, they shook each other’s hands and traded business cards. Apparently it was a great event to network. For those who wanted to save some money carpooled through the parade.