So the man walked into the store with a box and in the box was a surprise. What could it be? They asked the man to open it, so, he got out his key and opened it. Behold, hidden inside was a donut. But with, it wasn’t some ordinary donut. It was actually a donut on a stick. But wait a little while longer. It was actually a donut on a stick that looked like gold. A audible gasp went around the room as the man held up his golden donut. It was huge, perhaps the size of a regular donut. He held up to the light and golden rays of light shined from the circular object. Instantaneously, everyone became hungry. The man took the golden donut and carefully unwrapped the gold. Amazing everyone thought! Everyone wondered what was inside. It was a steak. Everyone gaped at it. There was a certain way to eat the steak and it looked tasty. He got out his steak sauce and poured a generous amount on the golden steak donut. He ate the whole thing in a couple bits. Everyone was excited and wanted to try it, so, he brought out a bunch of it. Soon, every BBQ had it own golden steak kabob donut and they gave one to Jesus. Delicious.

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