Kymondrayto was in his wonderfull kitchen when he sprayed some mint into his mouth. He stood there thinking and thinking. Minutes turned into hours and hours turned into days. When all of a sudden, he got it! He would make spray food. So he went to work coming up with foods that he could put in a spray bottle. Then he looked at the food that he had cooked and it was all burnt. Smoke was all around him and he turned off the slow cook and cleaned all of the pots and pans.

He made a long list of foods that he wanted to turn into spray food. “Hmmm, steak, grilled chicken, and how about a chef salad?” He thought it should be in a can and maybe a bottle. But, it needs to make them feel full.You could take it with you on trips or when you go hiking up to the mountains too. So he tried it and it worked out. Everyone at his business said that they liked it. When they were hungry, they would spray some vegan burger into their mouth and they would be satisfied. One of his friends asked if he could take her recipe and can it. Kymondrayto looked at it and said he would get to work on it. Hours of cooking finally paid off in an adequate harvest desert. It had all sorts of fruits and you could taste the buttery bread that was drenched in the sweetest choice honey.

So, experimenting with different foods and had a whole line of spray food products. The best part was that you could refill the can with something else at the refilling station. The can itself came in different sizes, like the travel size or like the manly-man size. And the cans came in different shapes and designs. Some of them had little indicators on it telling you what was inside. Others had screens where you could watch shows on it, sort of like a screen saver. At times it was curious and yet contemporary, majestic and introspective. The food tasted wonderful. Everyone prayed for the food and was thankful.

He dreamed that one day, people would be able to bottle their own spray food with a special food-in-a-spray-can machine. And what a great day that would be.

Praise God.

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