The Key

She had gotten the key… and she was running away. The key that opened the treasure box for the book that was trapped inside. It was a book that told all of the secrets of how to run a business. No one had seen it for hundreds of years. She ran as fast as she could but there was a crowd of people that were chasing after her. They were angry that she had gotten the key to the treasure box. They were all holding sticks and rocks and were shouting at her to come back and give them their key. Apparently, the crowd liked keys and collected them. But she knew which key it was. She fell. The angry crowd closed in on her and she was about to be hit with sticks and rocks when, all of a sudden, he appeared. He flew in on a mat and reached down to grab her. She reached up and grasped his arm. In one motion, he pulled her onto the mat and they few away, far from the angry crowd. As they threw their sticks and rocks to the ground they embraced and went to where the treasure box was. When they finally opened the box, light shined from within. And they found the book and when they opened it, and when they read it, they embraced again. Written inside was a single word…

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