Penny went to the bank with her little coin purse and went up to the teller. The nice teller asked her what she could do to help and Penny said that should would like to make a deposit. She was always told to save as much as she could. Today, she had 25 cents to deposit which she had saved up from her weekly allowance. The teller showed her how to fill out the deposit slip and wrote down all the information she needed to make the transaction. Penny had saved up quite a bit of money ever since she opened her savings account and soon she would be able to buy all the special gifts for her family. She would go to the confectionary to get some candy and put it into little bags with a ribbon and a note card that said “happy birthday” on it. The confectionary man was a good man and gave her a extra piece of candy for shopping at his store. For today, she made her 25 cent deposit and was a happy. Jesus saves.

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