Welcome 3

They told stories and told some good jokes. The event was wonderful and they had a great time doing it. Kymondrayto pre-tasted the food himself and it was wonderful too. They had all sorts of food from all over the place. The best part was the desert and it looked like a piece of art. By the time that the desert came, it was perfect. It was made of apple cobbler made from dutch ovens with a chocolate topping. There was even a chocolate design of a flower, a hybiscus in fact, with different color chocolates. Red, yellow, and green chocolates were used to make this beautiful desert. At that time, the coffee and tea was served as well and no expense was spared. They had the best blend of coffee that money could buy and it was paired with the desert by an expert in the field.

Before the meal, all of the servers prayed with everyone for their meal. And God blessed all the food. After the meal, they started with the program. It was a weekend program and this was their first evening together. The welcome handle all of the transportation and they all arrived at the exact same time. Each person had their own welcome pair. They brought them food and something to drink when they needed. They also prayed with them and explained things when the individual had a question. Anything they needed, they got it for them, including phones, computer chargers, and carrying cases. When they were on break, they played some games and traveled with them when they wanted to see around the area. At times, the welcome read from the Bible and told them what it was about.

At the event, they counseled the attendees and helped them with their assignments when needed. The gave them some ideas of what the speakers were talking about and helped them to understand each part of the event. By the end of the event, everyone was having a great time and they all wanted to come back. Jesus saves.

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