Kymondrayto and his friends always went to this one restaurant that had great food. They would get all of their friends to dress up and dine at this location. It was a great time and the food was good too. One day, the manager and owner came to talk with them about making this their spot. They all looked at each other and said that it would be a good idea. The owner said that they could have as much free food as they wanted. Kymondrayto and his friends was to be the welcoming group to all of the customers. They did just that. They went there every couple of days and welcomed all of the people who came to eat. The friends sat the patrons in their seats and brought them water. They even told a couple jokes that made the customers laugh.

Business was booming and eventually, the owner sold his restaurant to another person. The friends were melancholy, but, they thought for themselves. They could do this for other businesses too. So, they put together a website to tell people about their service. They could promote the business and welcome people to their business. They had their own clothing and they would go around to the surrounding buildings to tell them about the business the were helping. They would use social media too, along with word of mouth and advertisements. The friends talk to the customers and keep them entertained while they waited for the food. They had a great time doing it and met lots of people. Their thing was to pray with the customers as soon as they got their food.

Kymondrayto and his friends had such a great time that they got lots of other business to ask them if they could provide their services for their company. Soon, they were all over the place promoting various businesses. Everyone was thankful.

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