One evening, Kymondrayto was taking some time to read his Bible quietly in the dark. He had a little light above him. His eyes started to hurt something awful, so, he wanted to do something about it. He thought for a while and a lightbulb came on. He thought about making a program that highlighted the words while he was reading. It would be easy on the eyes and it would help him read faster and more accurately. He spoke with his good friend and they got to work on the project. It was a fine project and they enjoyed working on it. The text would be lit up and highlighted on the computer so that it would be easier to read, especially in the dark. Fortunately, it was a fairly simple program to put together. First, they tried it on a e-book and it worked out! Success! It was easy to read and they read faster then any human has ever conceived of. Next, they tried it on a website and lo and behold, it reached epic speeds of mass proportions. Finally, they tried it on a map and all of the street signs lit up really, really, fast.

So they put it on their website as a reading computer program for their computer and tons of people started using their program. The program was free and they had great reviews. The program also records all of the words that has been highlighted and it keeps track of what has been read. In addition to the reading computer program, they sold all kinds of books that their friends could buy on their website. They sold many books and they had a great time reading the comments about the books. Jesus saves.

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