The Large Cross

For our great God. Behold, there is a great cloud of debt that looms over the forest and it may be quite some time to alleviate that looming cloud. There is a light that shines forth through this ominous cloud of debt and can be reached if a path can be found. The light shines on the first steps of the path and the light will shine upon the path that leads out of the dark and unforgiving forest.

Jetexipimio takes a bearing on his compass and map to see where he is and survey his location. He carefully adjusts the compass to north which will lead him out of the dark forest filled with creatures hungry to consume him. He takes a bite out of his beef jerky and sets out of this dire situation with courage and determination. He knows that he will be able to reach a clearing soon where he will take a rest. It wasn’t far from where he was at now. On the map and in the distance he saw a large cross where he knew there was help.

Along the way he found people who were on the same path that he was on. With some encouragement and sharing of water and supplies he was able to collect a small group of friends that were able to traverse this terrain that was testing at times. Some of them had other things that they could use, like a flashlight, a water filter, and a pocketknife. They used those tools to get to the clearing where they set up camp for a while. The makeshift camp was temporary but it gave them some time to think about their path. A campfire was made with the two matchsticks they had left over. The fire was bright and brought comfort and security to the weary travelers who were confined by the depth of the forest.

The next morning, they set out to reach the big cross which was their destination. Together they packed up their gear and set out early in the morning. With the light shining along the path, they knew that they would make it. They pooled their resources together and rallied their hopes. Together they were industrious and made use of what they had on hand to conquer mountains and bridge rivers.

Eventually and together they reached their lofty destination where they all celebrated with laughter and joy. They had made it to their goal. All of the people who where waiting for them at the end rejoiced with music and held a great feast, a banquet of extremely massive proportions. Food from all over the world was brought to that long table of victory over obstacles that bound its prey in deep debt. It was a glorious moment. Jetexipimio was in deep contemplation for a moment before he was grabbed by one of his friends to join the party.

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