The Large Cross 3

The good Lord Saves. There was a scream from deep within the forest that sent shivers through the people in the cottage…

They were right on her heels and gnashing their vicious teeth as they quickly sprinted, gaining upon the unsuspecting person. She let out another scream as she desperately scrambled up a sharp, rocky cliffside and onto a dead branch hanging off the side. They angrily tried to leap up to bite and devour their next frantic meal, just barely missing her jacket. She finally looked up to the sky and prayed.

Just then, Jetexipimio and his friend showed up with bright torches and waved it at the creatures that hunted at night for weary souls longing for rest. The two of them rushed into the melee and scattered the creatures of the night with their torches. Jetexipimio yelled at them and they ran away quickly into the dark forest where they made their house. The danger was gone and they were all relived.

She came off the dead branch and they went back to the cottage in the clearing and they gave her a hot cup of coffee. She accepted it with eagerness and took a long draw from the cup. They covered her with a warm blanket and asked what happened and to tell her story. After a moment, she began telling her story about how she was in lots of trouble and needed help. She did not have a compass or a map and no flashlight. She thought she could walk at nighttime so she set out into the dark forest. Eventually, she lost her way and went off the trail down an embankment. Before she knew it, she heard voices and was being chased by the creatures of the night. She ran in the darkness until she climbed up the cliffside. Thats when she met Jetexipimio and his friend.

They got her clean and bandaged her scratches. She knew she was safe and they lead her to a  room for the night. In the morning, they woke up early to bake bread and make breakfast for everyone. They spoke to her for a while and told her about the large cross in the distance which she could see from the window. She asked if she could stay a while to get her bearings and they all agreed. Some more people came to the cottage in the clearing that day and she made new friends. They were willing to take her the rest of the way to her destination. After a while, they encouraged her to continue her travels, gave her a map and supplies. With new friends, she was able to make it to the very end where they celebrated with tears of joy. Salvation.


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