The Large Cross 2

By the grace of God. Jetexipimio looked around with his friends and it was complete. It had taken them a couple years to complete the project, but, it was finally done. A little cottage in the forest. The friends had gone back into the forest, to the clearing where they had all taken rest while upon their dire travels. There, they had set up a makeshift camp to get a bearing and contemplated the path that would eventually lead them out of their debt.

They wanted to put an abode there to welcome and comfort others who were on that same path that had saved their lives. So with much effort, Jetexipimio and his friends went back into the dark forest to build and live in a home where they could help people on their way to the large cross where they found celebration and joy. They had carried much of the materials needed to construct this beacon of hope on their backs as they backtracked upon that path with a light upon it. They made it from scratch and it was a beautiful little house with plenty of space for visitors and travelers.

The cottage itself was not very large, but, it was big enough to house several people. They had their own dining area with a long table and a kitchen where they made hearty food for travelers. They baked their own bread every morning and kept canned food on hand just in case they needed extra food. Wooden chairs made of pine made for rest for weary visitors that happened upon their dwelling. A long bench was placed outside where people could sit and watch the setting sun slowly transition to a moonlit night, the skies filled with bright stars. They filled the house with music and with sounds of joy. A sanctuary from the cloud that loomed elsewhere in the forest.

They had a campfire always burning in the front. At night, they would venture out to the fire pit to tell their stories of how they overcame obstacles by finding friends. They didn’t have much, but together, they were able to share what they had to come to this place, the clearing and a campfire which made for a place of refuge. And this is what they wanted to provide for others who were still finding their way to the large cross in the distance. As some would turn in for the night, a wonderful melody of hymns would conclude the evening.

It was a refuge from the dark forest from which they all departed from many years ago. The friends would welcome any and all who needed some direction and they could stay as long as they wanted. They encouraged the travelers to continue upon their own travels which would lead them to the large cross, teaching travelers about the path. It was a place of introspection and grace, a place to think and a place to find peace.

There was a scream from deep within the forest that sent shivers through the people in the cottage…

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