Editing People 2

Jetexipimio got into papers. He was happy that he was able to edit papers and it was a glorious thing. He wrote his own papers and published them on his website. The editors created their own magazine that highlighted some of the topics that were discussed in the papers that they were editing. it was a great and wonderful project to work on.

Through their writings, they were able to do many things. There were many papers on many different subjects and it helped that they got both sides of the story. They had hours of discussion, but, finally they come up with the truth. Some of the wonderful things that they were able to accomplish were things like ending world hunger and what to do about gravity. It was a wonderful time of talking, writing good papers that helped save the lives of copious amounts of people. People would read all the papers that were written and made their own papers to contribute to the greater good.

The whole staff would take time out of their day to have a sit down conversation with the people they were editing for. On occasion, then would have a cup of tea and spent hours enjoying the conversation with them. Questions like what their thoughts were and how they felt about certain topics were just some of the simple questions that they asked. In response, they got a wide spectrum of answers that helped to shape the greater conversation towards the ultimate goal of discerning the truth.

An enlightening discussion transpired as good people would contribute to the greater good and its ever elusive aim of continued contemplation of the issues that surrounded society. Debates were held, in this case, to showcase those thoughts that seemed to be deemed worthy of an argument most definitely demanded by those of the general public. With the sense of scholarship and humility descending heavily upon the congregation of like minded counterparts, Jetexipimio championed the banner of truth and enlightenment. A worthy occupation indeed. One, that brings joy and wisdom to all of its readers.

So, they went to task eliminating the ills of society and encouraging those lofty ideals that seemed so distant in the past. To understand the thought, that maybe, perhaps just maybe, in a day to come, the major populous will end its selfish gain and strive for a better humanity. May God be glorified.

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