Helpfulness, Thankfulness, and Profit

Jetexipimio went to the store to buy some groceries when the person next to him could not reach the top shelf of the aisle. So, he offered to help and reached up to grab the pickle jar. The person was very thankful. He walked down another aisle and saw another person and this time she had a coupon for him that helped. It was a buy one get one free coupon. And he was very thankful. He didn’t need it but it was a nice gesture so he accepted it thankfully. When he got to the line the person in front was short a couple dollars and Jetexipimio offered to pay the rest of the cost since he has saved a couple dollars from the coupon. It wasn’t much but the person in front was relieved and almost started crying and she told her story. Even the cashier almost started crying. He paid for his groceries and got a little discount on his groceries. He drove home a happy guy.

Jetexipimio found that through helpfulness and thankfulness, it may lead to profit. And in return, when profit it put towards thankfulness and helpfulness, good things can happen as well. The service in this case was reaching for a pickle jar that was too high on the counter. The product that was acquired was a coupon. This product and service is how helpfulness and thankfulness can be actualized. In return, a profit can be made.

As a byproduct of helpfulness and thankfulness, a profit was made. But wait, theres more… Jetexipimio pass that profit forward to save someone’s life as he did when standing in line. He had saved a couple dollars from the coupon and passed that savings on to the person in front of him in line. It saved her life and he was able to be part of her story for the day. It was a good ending to the day. As a result, he received a little discount on his own groceries. And so, the profit was used to save. Everyone involved was thankful and their inclination is to help and save. So, he was given much. Jesus saves.

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