He Told Him About A New Company

Jetexipimio and his friend was talking about their portfolio when the topic came up about what to invest in next. They both had a healthy portfolio and practiced “one to ten.” They talked about some good companies to buy some stock in and they shared some ideas. When Jetexipmio finally told him about a new company that was springing up they were excited.  They had little debt and had lots in their savings. It was way undervalued and they needed the capital to make their next product. They knew of the guy that owned the company and called him to see if they could have a meal together. The meeting was set. The question his friend asked was if Jetexipmio was willing to invest in the company and if he was willing to invest the same amount. He immediately said yes and his friend was at peace. His friend knew it was a good company and that since Jetexipmio was going to invest too, it was a easy move for his the friend. There was also an old company that was in the same situation that his friend brought up but that would have to wait for another time. They shook hands, finished their coffee, and went to go meet the owner of the new company.

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