Dan did a DNA test on himself and he wanted to know something about himself. He wanted to know who his real family was. So he went to the doctors and had the test done on himself. The doctor explain what the procedure was and that how accurate it was. It may even be inconclusive. It was a stressful and horrendous couple weeks while the test was being conducted. He prayed a lot about it. Then, all of a sudden, he got the results. He had lots of relatives and he was a happy guy. Excited and nervous and expectant. So he went to go meet them and talk to them about themselves. It was a joyful and wonderful occasion. But, some of them wanted money and so he was extremely distraught and mentally confused. He had some money but he needed it to pay off his debt. What should he do? He thought for a long time about what to do about it and he finally came to his solution. He would teach them about business. Otherwise, he would have to give them vastly copious amounts of cash that he didn’t have. The idea was an old one, “you can give a man a fish, or you can teach them how to catch fish.” This will allow them to live and not be dependent upon others. So, he met with each one and he told them what he knew about starting a profitable and sustainable business. Each week, he would meet with his relatives and would see how they were doing. Dan even helped them out of their own issues and his relatives enjoyed the conversations about their family and personal lives. It was a wonderful and enjoyable relationship and one that Dan was happy to be part of. He thanked God and blessed them everyday.

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