New Tires 3 – The Motorist Makes His Move

Dan was driving down the winding street when and thinking about what in the world he would do. He had all of his car in order because he got it from the dealership fixed and but wanted to make sure it would last for a long time. All of a sudden, he thought of something! He would talk with his dealership and make an wonderful arrangement with them to do something about his car. He wanted them to do a regularly scheduled maintenance and check up. He would be able to keep his car for a long time and it would also run well. He would even get them to wash the car before driving it off the lot. Every month, once a month, he would get an oil change and have them fix anything that needed fixing. He thought, “should it be one lump sum or a monthly thing?” He contemplated this in his mind while driving to the dealership. It would be a glorious and splendid drive each time he wanted to take a nice leisurely motor ride up the coast. He would end up in places where he never thought he would go and perhaps, just perhaps, have a chocolate shake along the way. So, thats what he did. He went and spoke to the manager and made an arrangement for monthly maintenance on his car for the whole year and the man said it was good. The man even asked, if at the end of the year, if he was willing to trade in his car for a brand new one that would be on sale in a couple months. It would be the newest model and that it would come with all the bells and whistles. Dan contemplated this for a moment and went with the man to see what new cars would be available at the end of the year. Dan didn’t want to drive a lemon or a potato. They worked out an arrangement and shook hands. He thanked God and was on his way up the coast. Dan was a happy man again and he even ventured to purchase a big chocolate shake.

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