Fitness for the Mind

On the topic of fitness. Any physical activity is adequate for this plan. Swimming is a great fitness activity since you work out your muscles and breathing and heart at the same time. It will improve thinking and your body as well. A good plan if you don’t know how to swim is to join a swimming lessen for your age group or ability group. If desired, you could get a personal coach, but, a swimming class is a good start. Look on the some websites to find a good workout plan.

Another activity is running and especially marathons. This will take time to work up to miles of long stretches or road but with some planning and consistency, you can start running marathons that will help with physical fitness. Learning how to run is important to keep your feet and legs from getting damaged. Join a running club or run with friends and it will make the time enjoyable for everyone.

There are other options as well. If you played sports, think about joining a team. Soccer, football, and basketball are all great sports. Or try learning a new sport like water polo, la cross, or triathlons. Every sport will teach teamwork and the have fun at the same time.

Now, if you are looking for an adventure and willing to take the time, consider hiking or mountain biking. You could go to Kilimanjaro or Mt. Fuji and take a picture of planting a flag at the top. How about getting a helicopter ride up to the top of a snowy peak and jumping out with a snowboard or rock climbing the side of Yosemite’s El Capitan.

If you have a sport injury or cant play sports anymore, don’t be melancholy, there are still other things that you could do to keep physically fit. Try a day hike at Torrey Pines California State Beach or lean how to ballroom dance and enter a contest.

With all this to say, starting with a simple walk around the neighborhood might be in tall order. Actually using the workout equipment that one had and those videos might also help. Lifting things can also be good too. But if you don’t have any equipment, pushups, and sit-ups are probably the best ways improve your physical fitness. Doing pushups and sit-ups does not require any equipment and can be done almost anywhere like at home, park, or in a parking lot. Both of these, and pull ups, should be part of any workout and can be a start to your fitness program. Next, invest in a jump rope and a journal to keep track of how many push ups you do. check out some websites for a workout plan, you can go to any medical facility or health organization to find a workout plan.

A good diet plan is also important in any fitness. The main part of any diet is the breads and rice. This is basic energy for the body and is vital when working out. Without this basic energy, the body will destroy itself and the workout will be damaging to the body. Other things to eat is lots of meat like beef, chicken or other poultry, and different kinds of fish and eggs. Vegetables and fruits are also vital to this, of course, and will be needed in large quantities. Dairy products like milk and cheese need to be included in this diet too, especially for younger people and older people who need to be concerned with their bones. And all the other stuff too.

To lose some weight, try a liquid diet. Now, wait a minuet, the liquid is not just water, there’s more. Some good liquid’s to drink are juices like tomato juice, apple juice, and vegetable juices. For digestion, prune juice is good too. Milk and soy milk is alway good too, add this to your regular diet.

On cold days, a bowl of warm chicken and beef broth will keep the body warm and taste good too. To continue in this thought, vegetable soup and meat soup may be good when you get a little hungry for lunch. And you can add lots of vegetables for a good meal. But, if you can wait till dinner time, you can eat anything you want. It is suggested that you eat something filling and wholesome since you are working out at the same time. We spoke of these things in the first paragraph. You can even have some wine with your meal or perhaps, just perhaps, one beer. And, why not, how about a small piece of pie or some ice cream. Just remember to eat something that is wholesome so that the body can build and repair itself from your workout.

So, here is basically the plan: drink juices all day and for dinner, have a nice meal with some wine. Now, hold on for a second, this is not a crash diet, far from it. You only lose a couple pounds a month, but when you do this every day for a couple months, you will lose weight slowly and gradually which will be good for fitness. And, with a simple fitness plan, you can get fit and lose weight at the same time. And you get to have some ice cream at the end of the day too.

Finally, getting good rest and sleep is important. That is when your body and mind heals and after working out, the body needs to repair itself. So, have a glass of wine and read a book and get some rest.

A note on dietary supplements. Some experts believe that dietary supplements can help with weightless and fitness. This may be true and should be researched, but it is this authors belief that all the stuff you need can be found in natural foods already. The supplements are chemicals that act as if it is natural, even vitamins are a chemicals and polymers and can break down in strange, odd ways in the body. But, look into it yourself.

Once you are losing weight, its time to start building muscle. These two things may not be mutually exclusive, it can be done at the same time. Muscle adds weight though so be careful. There are a couple different types of muscles and two that will be discussed here is the bulk muscle and the lean muscle. Bulk muscle is good for lifting heavy things and lean muscle is good for quickness. Both will protect your bones and body. Which one to build is up to you.

For building muscle, you need a lot of bread and rice and meat like beef and chicken. So, you got to eat lots of that stuff. Milk is also good as well as nuts and beans. Don’t forget the vegetables and fruits too because there are bad toxins that form in the muscles that need to be cleaned away. So, if you want to build muscle, try this instead of a liquid diet.

There is one component to this fitness plan that is very, very important. It is the people you work out with. Working out should be done in groups and especially, groups of friends. A team of workout friends will be a good for encouragement when motivating yourself to work out is hard and will keep you accountable. They can help you to keep you on track. There are clubs that you can join and it can be great making new friends especially if you have a common purpose, which is to lose weight and to build muscle.

Lets mix it up a bit. Try a mixed group of people like women and men if working out with only men or women doesn’t work. Also, try mixing the workout routine. There are thousands of plans out there that have been tried. Don’t limit oneself to just one workout routine. They it for a month or two and keep track of your progress. If you like it, stick with it, if not, try another plan. Also, how about mixing some sports into the fitness plan, like a once a week football game or a soccer game. For example: Workout with your new friends for the week, then on Saturday, plan a small, friendly basketball game with them. All you need is a basketball and some shoes and pick your team. A one hour 3 on 3 basketball game might just be the thing to benchmark your breathing, heart rate, and physical fitness that you have gained through the week. And afterwards, everyone can go watch a basketball game at the local college.

The final part to this is the spiritual side. Praying with your team before and after working out can be just as vital as the workout itself. Remember to pray before and after your workout, together.

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