New Tires

When buying new tires, Dan was looking at the variety of sizes and prices. He thought for a long time about which one he needed. He could get the groovy tires or the one with lots of traction. He could get the inexpensive one but he would have to buy new ones in a while. He could buy the expensive one, but, what if he got a flat? So he prayed about it and he got four, good tires for a really good price. This would save him lots of time and money in the long run since he didn’t have to worry about the ware. He also got an alignment and an oil change at the same time. The guy told him to check the air in the tires regularly and this should save on gas and other things too. It would save in car maintenance and in case of an emergency, it would still last and be reliable. With this in mind, Dan drove safer and became a good driver. He washed his car every week and had it detailed on a regular basis too. He got new windshield wipers before the rainy season and made sure that all of his fluids were topped off. Driving became a joy since he didn’t have to worry about car problems and fixing or maintaining it. He was able to listen to his music with peace and played his favorite songs when driving to work and back. When driving, he always checked his blind spot, used his turning signals, and thanked people when they let him in. If he could send a thank you card, he would do it. Could he be considered the pastor of the open road?  Dan was a happy man and he was able to save hundreds of dollars just by maintaining his car. He even invested in a car freshener.

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