Care For Your Charity

Embromaitim came back from his voyage of the world and promoted his company to all sorts of people. He asked for charitable donations from people, but, he was applied some thought and wisdom as well. He thought that he could have taken all of the donors money but he knew that he could not take all of it at one time. If he did, he would not have anyone to ask donation from since they were all out of money. So, instead, he asked only for what they could spare. In addition to this, he asked what they could spare per month. Many of his donors were happy since usually, people just want to take all of it at one time. Some would promise billions upon billions of dollars. Did they have the money? Who knows. Embromaitim just asked for a couple thousand a month, every month. This way, he had a steady donation stream coming in without fear of losing his donor friends and their money. Fortunately, Embromaitim had many friends who cared for his charity and so he would donate 100% of what they gave that month to his charity. He didn’t keep any of it himself and even wrote letters each time the donations from his friends came in about what they were doing with it. Thats what he did. Jesus loves you.

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