Ones relationships determines views and concepts of the world. A relationship that is primary in ones life is with Christ Jesus. God is the Father of Jesus and He sent his Son to die on the Cross for all sin. Ones concept of who Jesus is positivity affected by ones relationship to God. This will in turn affect the concept one has of the world and society.

As creations of God, God’s relationship to people is vital to how one sees the world. Ones relationship to God hinges on the relationship that one has with Christ Jesus. Jesus is the advocate to which, upon judgement, will intermediate between God and man. Ones relationship to Christ Jesus will determine one’s passing or failing of ones entrance into Heaven.

Jesus, as God’s Son, showed us the way through his life and his words. His example of living and relating to others is apparent throughout the New Testament. The letters written to Churches also speak of his love for people. This message can also be seen in the Old Testament through the words and writings of the prophets. The relationship of the people in the Old Testament is a primary relationship with God. This is the relationship that Christ Jesus came to reconcile.

God, through his Son Jesus, expressed Himself to the world to reconnect this lost relationship that was disconnected by sin.

God is Awesome and His love for people can be see on a daily basis in the lives of all. He is a gracious God who sent his Son to die on the Cross for the sins of the world that this primary relationship could be reestablish. May God be Glorified.

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