He walked in through the front door of the building and entered into a lush green forest with large trees, green ferns, and rocks with moss on it. The pathway opened up to a beautiful meadow where all of the walls and the ground was digitized, but, the walls had some texture to it. The walls were shaped like a the side of a mountain range like that of a massive cliffside or valley. There were all sorts of lights and colors on display around the whole room. An receptionist received him and asked how she could help. Next to her was her attendant, a special drone which played some music and also talked. He was going to a meeting on the second floor and needed directions. The drone projected a map and offered directions. In the back of the room was a fountain that was in the shape of a statue and words flowed from the mouth of the fountain and cascade through the middle of the room. The celing was a dome where words, phrases, and numbers were flying through space. Words like, “blessing, light, and contemplate” floated around the dome.

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