It was a great building. The businesses inside were happy to be there. All of their clients passed through the glass door to a main hall where everything was decorated with flowers, ivy and ferns. Now these plants were special since they were all made of ice. They requested that the stems and leaves be dyed green while the flowers were dyed different colors. All of the walls were covered with this ice foliage. Behind the ice foliage was a thin waterfall which made the decoration stand out. Behind the waterfall was a raging fire and that made the foliage change colors as the flames flickered through the ice. But wait, there’s more… Since the whole thing was made of ice, they allowed clients to take one of the flowers and put it in their glass of water if they so chose. It was a nice decoration and they replaced the whole room it on a weekly basis with new ice foliage as the ice melted. Everyone would take pictures in front of the grand display of ice, water, and fire. It made their visit worthwhile and wonderful.

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