Year Book

“It was a cold and windy night…” is how the reader started. All of the employees were sitting around the room in anticipation. Embromaitim wanted to do something special for his people. So, he spoke with one of his employees that he knew wrote novels and asked him to write a story about people that he worked with. It was a part chronology and part comedy, but, it was to be one to remember. The writer recounted all of the great times the company had with each other and told stories about each one. Everyone laughed and clapped as the story ended and it turned out to be a great time. At the end of the night, they made an announcement that the novel was for sale and that they could buy the novel for a donation to the company charity. In the book was pictures of employees that was taken throughout the year. Everyone signed each other’s books too. Fond memories for all of Embromaitim’s employees. It was ended with a blessing for all of employees and the company.

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