Points of Interest

After months of planning and detailed designing, they were finally able to fly. Embromaitim and his team of investors and designers were ready for the opening of their business. All of the planes were ready to take flight. The destinations spanned the globe. A weeks stay in Tokyo, Japan included a travel around the area on the bullet train, fine dining at the best local spots, and a tour of Tokyo Tower. Next, on the itinerary is Seoul, Korea with short travel to all of the major cities in the area with a stay in the nicest five star hotel. Thats just the start, Hong Kong, continues the wonderful list of destinations available on the list. Travel to the market and visit all the local tourist spots for dining to sight seeing. Australia and New Zealand are both on this extended travel around the world too. See all of the great things that makes the country a wonderful and beautiful land. Going to the Middle East is a must and a week there spent doing a historic Bible tour might just be what a Points Saved vacation looks like in the Holy Land. Africa comes next with two day excursion to different countries will be the bringing of good memories with lots of pictures. A European motor coach tour will never be forgotten. Finally, a South American Spree will round out all of the points of interest. They looked into adding more sites for people to go to and surveyed those places. Especially places like places in the former Eastern Block tour, themed travel like finding the “World’s Largest” items or the old and new wonders of the world might make it on the list too. Festivals also made it on the list like the greatest world events like tomatoes, running of the bulls, cherry blossom, new years, Easter, and Christmas among other events. Embromaitim suggested buying things to send back home too. The travel agency contacted all of the local eats to make arrangements and tell them there would be a large crowd of travelers coming to the area and paid for the meal in advance. It would be on the itinerary. Everyday, the travelers would get a packet with detailed directions on where to go, how to get there and when to arrive. It included maps, phrases to use in case of getting lost or needing help, and a daily devotional. They were excited and everyone contributed to the greater good.

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