Embromaitim was doing fine with his new restaurant, but he needed to re-invest some of his earnings. So he used the Quadruple Budget to help his business. He thought to himself. If he could match the income he was making while working he would be able to make it. He made about $3000 from his working wage and so he decided to match that with his business. So he took what money he had and improved the food quality and improved on his vessel. Once the word got out that he had some of the finest tuna on the dock everyone was making reservations to eat there. He also got the good water and added other beverages to the menu. Of course he would post all the newest improvements on his webpage and he promoted it to the community. He produced some coupons like the buy one get one free coupon and gave great discounts on first time patrons. Then he thought about getting his restaurant on other vacation websites to advertise. It was a great time but it was a lot of work so he employed one of his family members to help with the dishes and bussing the tables. In a couple months, he was matching his income from when he worked his job and he was donating to charities with his Quadruple Budget. After all of the patrons left after their meal and the sailboat was clean, he would sit back in his chair and watch the sun setting over the ocean. He was thankful and prayed every day.

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