Embromaitim planned to retire. So he had his friend put together a basic for him. On that faithful day he held a very large retirement party which lasted the whole day. He was asked what his plans were after he retired and he said that he would start his own project. He always wanted his own restaurant. So he bought a big sail boat with a large galley where he could make brunch to serve others. He set up some chairs and a table and made brunch everyday. His reservation list was long and he called his patrons the day before to confirm their attendance. He was an excellent chef and he made excellent food. He also started serving dinners too and decorated his sail boat with beautiful lights. Between meals he would scout recipes on the internet to get meal ideas.

Embromaitim was doing well. He didn’t realize that he could make more after he retired. So, with his new business and a pension, he lived comfortably. Soon, he was holding events on his sailboat and he took them around the bay. The fish was great with the sauce he made. He made a menu and posted it on his website which he updated every week with photos of his patrons and he quoted them. He also took lots of pictures and gave them to all of his people. Embromaitim also made great pastries and put them in boxes for them to take home. Some would order large quantities of the stuff. He was thankful and prayed over all of the meals. Retirement was sweet.

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