His Ship Came In

Once upon a time, Dan’s ancestors collected sea shells along the shore near their home. They collected all sorts of shells. They would take it to the market and trade for food and other things. One day, there was a huge ship that was traveling to the New World and needed investors. So Dan’s great great great grandfather gave the ship a whole bunch of shells in exchange for shells found on the New World along with other goods. Everyone was anticipatory for the voyage and on the day they departed they all threw a big celebration. Everyday the great great great grandfather would walk on the beach looking beyond the horizon for the ship traveling to the New World. What wonders would they see and what people would they meet he thought to himself. When finally the ship came over the horizon Dan’s great great great grandfather was joyful and he ran to the docks. His ship came in and they received all sorts of shells and trade goods from the New World.

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