Dans Ancestors Try Something New

Dan’s ancestors were thinking about what to do. Their venture when well and they wanted to invest more. So they bought three sailing ships and prepared them for the journey to the New World. They loaded them up with trade goods too. The captain of the ship selected a fine crew who have made the travel already so they know the course. When everything was ready, they set sail. What a wonderful venture it  was. Everyone was excited to get goods and they waited.

Unfortunately, the ships didn’t return on the expected date. Dan’s ancestors prayed every day. A week later the ships finally came back. They had hit a squaw along the way that set them back a couple days. With laughter and joy they unloaded tons of trade goods and took it to the market. They gave each other hugs and they danced around the house. They sold everything and gave some things to their friends too. It was a wonderful treasure and it was a great day for the ancestors of Dan.

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