Dans Ancestors Buy Their Own Ship

Once upon a time, Dan’s ancestors were able to purchase and invest in their own trading vessel from the trade goods they sold from their last investment. So, he bought a massive galleon that they loaded up with all sorts of trade goods. Everything from blankets and oils to seeds and shells. They made preparations for the long voyage and waited anticipatorily for the right time. At the right time, they set sail upon the great ocean and sailed for the New World. After several days on the open sea, they talked about the great things they would see and the people they would meet. Along the way they saw birds flying and fish swimming next to the great sailing ship. When they finally reached their destination they traded all of their goods for things found only in the New World. Beads, food, and textile goods is what they traded. When their ship was filled to the top with all of their wonderful trade goods, they sailed back home. When they reached home, everyone celebrated their return and unloaded everything. They took it to the market and sold and traded for things. They even had gifts for their friends and everyone was joyful for a successful journey.

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