God Will Determine Who Gets The Money

Boamsytomictros started giving things to his friends, things like old books he had already read and some periodicals too. So, he gave one friend a old investment book and to his other friend he gave him a business magazine. They enjoyed the read. Bo even wrote a little note in everything he gave and encouraged them to passed the book to another friend. He also made things out of his collection of periodicals. He would cut out articles and the pictures and gave that to his friends too. He had a great article about his friends favorite company that he wanted to share. It only took about an hour but it was worth it. He turned it into a nice gift and presented it and it was well received. Next, he got his friend to meet with the CEO to get his signature and a photo and it was placed on his wall. His friends got the idea and they all bought different books and subscriptions for each other. Each of them got a different periodical and shared it with one another. Since their interests were similar, they bought business, economics and current events periodicals for each other. Each week, they had something new to talk about and when they met, they had much to discuss. They shared with each other what they had learned and they were able to use it in their business and daily lives. Striking up conversations with people was an easy thing to do and they had great chats with people they met. They offered many questions about the subjects the discussed and they debated many topics using the sources they procured. Often, their topic concerned investments. Sometimes they agreed, but either way, they were having an enjoyable time making conversation.

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