You Gotta Stay at Work as Long as Possible

Kymondrayto’s friend was having a serious dilemma, he didn’t like his job that much and he wanted to make more money to pay off bills. During a deep conversation over coffee, his friend vehemently explained that he desperately wanted to start his own business making leather goods. “And I can make t-shirts and bumper stickers. I already have a logo and everything,” his friend said. Kymondrayto thought for a moment and took a long draw off of his cup of coffee and stated, “Well, I’ll give you some advice that was given to me…” He told his friend to stay in his job for as long as possible. “It’s where all of your work friends are and talking to people is important for your mental health. Also, you get benefits like health insurance, you know how expensive that can be,” Kymondrayto mentioned. To continue with his dialog, he said, “you have stock options, a bonus at the end of the year, and free food sometimes.” He asked his friend, “Don’t they also match your retirement fund?” His friend nodded in agreement. “And maybe there is a chance to move laterally in the company if you feel stuck and in a rut. Cross training might be a good way to learn something new and meet new people. They may also pay for some of your education if you go back to school,” he explained to his friend. “I mean, if you really need the money than why don’t you work a second job or it may be good to start that business of yours on the side. Maybe you can make it in the leather industry, but business is hard sometimes,” Kymondrayto added. They both thought for a moment. His friend ventured, “I got a lot to think about. I could stay in my job for another couple years and retire. And while I’m doing that, I could start working on my side business and grow that while I get some more education.” Kymondrayto stated, “that would be great! You’re putting money in your retirement fund, saving and paying off your bills. By the time your retire, you’re business will be big enough to pay for all of your expenses. I think thats a fine idea,” After they finished their drink, they scheduled another coffee meeting sometime in the near future to see how his new plan was working. They shook hands and left to go back to work. They both looked forward to meeting again the following week.

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