Kymondrayto Buys Things

Kymondrayto and his friend decided to got to the grocery store together to purchase things they needed. It was a great activity and they spent a total of $1000 together. They enjoyed splitting up the spoils from their hunting and gathering. They thought to themselves, they are able to invest more in what they buy if they spent more. So they decided to go to a restaurant and try it too. And they were able to get a discount on all the food that they purchased. So, they were able to invest in what they wanted to purchase. They had a great time spending and investing. They pooled their money together to buy other things too. They both bought new cars at the same time as well. They figured that by buying things they could save in the long run. And they got some others friends to join them as well. It was a mighty purchase but they all bought houses together too.

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