Better to Have a Plan About That

Dan was almost out of debt and he was completely excited. He wanted to go and spend all of his money on things he always wanted to buy. Unfortunately, he started spending more on things he didn’t need. He needed a spending plan. So, he took out a piece of paper and wrote down some goals of things he wanted to purchase. He wanted the new car, a house, a new washer and dryer, a new bedroom set, the nice TV, a dishwasher, a new computer, a new phone, and some artwork to decorate his home. He had other things on his list too and he made the list exhaustive. He took a look at his list for a moment to see if there was anything he missed. When he was satisfied with his list he scoured the internet to price out the items on the list. He wrote down how much everything would cost next to the litem listed. Than he totaled it at the bottom of the page. Now he knew how much he needed to save to buy those treasured items. So, in this way, when there was a tempting purchase, he would go back to his list and practiced discipline. He would not spend money on things that he really didn’t need, but would focus on saving to buy that new car. He was determined and now, he had a plan.

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