And When The Party Is Over We Can Go And Save

Kymondrayto and his friends had absolutely nothing to do that day. The whole time they were offering ideas but none sounded that good. They were so bored that they started scavenging the fridge for the last bit of food. All of a sudden, one of them said they should go to the store and buy things on sale and he explained that they could see how much they could save. They thought this was a great idea. In a moment their countenance was lifted and they piled into the car to go to the outlet mall. Once they arrived, they found that there were lots of great bargains. They went to each store to price out what they could get on sale and looked for coupons to use. Some stores even offered a discount for large purchases. They wanted to get lots of stuff though and so when they priced everything out, they when to three stores they wanted to buy things at. They bought wallets, belts, a pair of new shoes, some jeans, and a whole lot of t-shirts that they really wanted. Kymondrayto bought a new suit for half off. But wait, theres more… They had some extra cash to buy gifts for their friends as well and what a surprise that would be for them. So they bought hats and jackets for their other friends and they had the store gift wrap it with their special box and wrapping paper. By the end of the day, their hands were full with massive amounts of bags and they piled back into the car to go home. Upon departing from the outlet mall and once on the road, they added up all of their spending and savings from their receipts and they were excited to find out that they had spent a little over a thousand dollars, but saved hundreds of dollars along the way.

When they finally reached home, they called all their other friends to give their gifts. Everyone was excited to open their presents and they all decided to go together next time. It was a wonderful adventure and they saved a lot of money on their visit. They were all very thankful.

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