Its Got to be that One Tie

The group got their train tickets from the ticket booth and made their way to the light rail train depot. It was a chilly day even though the sun was warm upon their jackets and sweaters. Their task, to disembark and for a couple hours to seek bargain deals in the area. Everyone paired up and pairs paired up to make a group of four. So, upon their task they ventured into the market armed with cash and their backpacks. They scouted out the whole place to find the best bargains in the city. They were to meet up a the food area for lunch to discuss their spoils. The theme set for this particular day was the word “and.” “And” basically was about buying everything a person needed from beginning to end. After a couple hours of searching they met up for lunch where they all told their stories of the day. Upon the completion of their hardy meal, they loaded back into the light rail to go home. While on the train, they presented their purchases. One pair bought a new suit while another bought a set of ties. It was a great trip and they all enjoyed their wonderful adventure filled with prayers to Jesus.

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