Sometimes the Roof is Good too

Mr. Eli thought about his business meeting. Where could he hold it? Than he decided to have it on the roof of his building. He wanted it to be special so he ordered pizza and brought the BBQ up there to cook burgers and steak. He also got a bucket and filled it with drinks and ice. Mr. Eli also got tons of exotic plants, plants that required lots of sun. In addition to this he got a little pool and filled it with water and put water balloons in it. He also decided to put a putting green on the roof too. He decorated the roof with string lights and installed a wet bar. He also put up a large terrace that covered half of the roof and added hanging vines and plants. In this way, they had some shade from the hot sun. He also got old couches and placed them in different areas of the roof. He even put some sheds to store equipment to save room. Music was a must and a fountain was added too. They painted things on the ground of the roof.

At the end of the meeting, they took out a piece of paper and made paper airplanes. Before they launched the airplanes, they wrote a message on it so that whoever found the paper airplane, they would read the message. And they praised the Lord on the roof.

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