When Someone Needs Something

Building an investment is a vital part of one’s budget. When using a quadruple budget, one can invest in each part of the budget to increase the value. The first area this can be accomplished is in tithing. Put the tithe in a nice envelope with a hand written card. The collectors of the tithe will be pleasantly surprised. In this way one can add value to their tithe. Another way of investing in tithe is by wrapping the tithe in a gift box. Add a card with everyone’s signatures and a message will bring joy to the receiver. By investing in a nice card, it will increase the value.

A second area of the quadruple budget where investing will add to the value is in savings. Savings is where one purchases things of value. If one collects art as part of their savings, putting it in a nice, large wooden frame will add value to the piece. Another way of investing might be to get an official binder to organize sports cards, dollar bills, or photographs in. This will also make one’s collection organized and easy to enjoy. Thus, by investing in a binder, one’s savings will be worth more.

In the third part of the quadruple budget, investing, one can frame their stock if one desires. One can view this on a daily basis. Another way of adding value is by renovating one’s business building by improving amenities to the building. One’s coworkers will appreciate it. Yet, a third way of adding value is by providing a gas card.

The final part of the quadruple budget is in expenses. A way of adding value to one’s expenses is by buying the best of the best. Taking care of one’s material goods is a also one way of investing. Buying shoe polish and polishing one’s shoes on a regular basis can keep dress shoes looking new. It will keep the leather soft and free from distress. Dry cleaning suits also help to retain the value of that item. Taking care of one’s belongings will keep the items looking new and it will last longer, hence, in this way, the value will be spread over years and not just one season. Investing in each part of one’s budget will help add value. May God be glorified.


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