Piggy Bank

Kevin had a piggy bank that was almost bursting with coins he collected. It was his life savings. So, when it finally got full with money, all the way to the top, he needed to do something with the money that was overflowing that would not fit into his piggy bank. He decided not to open his piggy bank until he retired since that was his life savings. Instead he collected the extra change that he had at the end of his day and invested it into his business.

Kevin’s bank savings account was full and he had reached his lifetime savings number. He invested the extra money that was going into savings account and allocated it towards reinvesting into his business. Kevin thought about what would make his business more productive and enjoyable. So, he thought and thought for hours and hours about what he could acquire for his enterprise. Countless days turned into months until he came to a realization.

Kevin enjoyed sports and he decided that he would buy sports balls for his co-workers. He went to the store to buy dozens of golf balls, basketballs, and baseballs and gave the to his friends at work. They enthusiastically enjoyed his gifts and tossed the sports gear around the workplace. It brought teamwork and reprieve to the office and he had purchased it with the extra money that was originally going into savings but now reallocated towards reinvestment into his business since he had achieved his life savings number.

Jesus saves.

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