College Budget

The books are read and the all nighters began. Behind the scene, debt is looming. Student loans and credit card bills pile up and it may be ominous. What is a student supposed to do?

Some college students may choose to work on campus to pay off bills while others get jobs at the local market. Unfortunately, their spending is high.

A budget that might be implemented during the college years is this college budget:

10% to tithing. That is first as always.

10% to ones self. This is savings or what one earns and keeps for oneself.

10% is insurance money. This is for emergencies and emergencies ONLY.

70% goes towards living expenses and school debt. This pays for gas and food. Fortunately, as a student, spending is limited and one can get food at the cafeteria. The rest of the $ goes to pay off debt.

This only works if one has a specific situation like college students who has many of their expenditures covered like student health insurance and live in the inexpensive dorms.

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