Invest in one’s Quadruple Budget and it can grow and multiply. The Quadruple Budget consist of charity, expenses, saving and debt/investments. One can invest in each of these areas (charity, expenses, and saving). In this section, the topic of investing in a Quadruple Budget will focus on saving. Saving is where one saves in a savings account. For example: saving money in a savings account. Investing in saving looks like this:

One can invest in their savings by asking someone to hold the money for oneself. This can be ones father, mother or another close relative. This savings account must be secure, so that when one wants to make a withdraw, it can be acquired. Fortunately, one should only make deposits in the savings account anyways. Make the amount an even sum, than make an agreement on paper.

One may also ask for interest on the savings account. This can be done on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. The individual who one is saving with must adhere to this agreement. In addition to this, one can start a savings account with multiple individuals. The interest accrued can be thus multiplied.

Keep track of the investment.

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