Invest in one’s Quadruple Budget and it can grow and multiply. The Quadruple Budget consist of charity, expenses, saving and debt/investments. One can invest in each of these areas (charity, expenses, and saving). In this section, the topic of investing in a Quadruple Budget will focus on charity. Charity is where one gives to organizations or tithing to a church. For example: giving a donation to fundraise. Investing in saving looks like this:

Invest in a charity or tithe. One can receive an award or a letter from the charity or the church. One may ask for something from the organization for the donation. One can also ask for stock in the company it is attached to. Getting one’s name on a wall or purchasing a building can translate to naming that building. The main purpose is to give. Perhaps the most vital part of investing through charity would be networking with other individuals. One can promote the business and work with others to build a company.

Of course, once can give during a fundraiser and receive a gift for the donation. Planning to give is an important foresight for any individual. Think about giving in the future, perhaps a couple years even.

Receiving from organizations can also look like merchandise from the organization. If they have events, one can ask to attend the event. They may also have other interests like galas, food, and sports games. A place to visit, free coffee, and other things may also be in order.

Get others to donate as well.

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