Invest in one’s Quadruple Budget and it can grow and multiply. The Quadruple Budget consist of charity, expenses, saving and debt/investments. One can invest in each of these areas (charity, expenses, and saving). In this section, the topic of investing in a Quadruple Budget will focus on expense. Expenses is where one buys things for others. For example: paying for food for others comes out of expense. Investing in expenses looks like this:

Invest in a small business. Then, once can receive free things which might include free food. One can get food from restaurants. There are many other free things one can receive. At the end of the fiscal year, one can also receive their dividends and re-invest. Having multiple investments with multiple businesses may also be a good way to invest.

Make sure to make a mutually beneficial agreement on paper. This is done by investing from one’s investment budget into the expense budget.

One can also ask the individual that one invests in to promote the investors business. Placing business cards or flyers can be one way to promote. Word of mouth can also be good. Asking for stock is another thing one can get from who one is investing with. Also, one can ask to make a presentation to their friends and family about one’s business or organization.

Always remember the business one is investing in by continuing to give them something out of the expense budget.

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