The concepts of the relationships come from our relational interactions with other people. When these relational needs are met in a way that is congruent to one’s fulfillment, an appropriate response is rendered conceptually. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. A negative or unfulfillment of one’s affect may render a concept of relationship that will engrain negative thought processes. When sufficient affect is not express or received within these relationships, there is a cognitive disconnect between the individuals who are partaking in this relational exchange. As a result, concepts about society and the world at large are effected.

These concepts are fostered in the developmental stages of one’s life. The concepts can be developed as early as conception. As a fetus in a mothers womb, the child may be able to develop affectual ties to the mother. Through development, the actions and thoughts of the parents of this child can have lasting effects on the mental condition that will shape the views concerning relationships. Not only this, but also the concept of what the world looks like and society as a whole.

Biologically, the brain is a network of neurons and dendrites that increase and decline based on relational factors among other variables, physical and psychological. When presented with a new idea, the brain processes that information and reacts to that information. The network and connections in the organ will develop new connections that will be engrained in the mind. The more this idea is reenforced, that more it will be engrained.

Relationships and interaction with individuals also reenforce these concepts. Through conversation, communication and information, the ideas make connections with the person who is sharing that idea. That person influences how thought develops whether it is a positive development or negative development.

One must consider the actions and relationships those around them. As individuals who are not perfect, the communication one presents to another may be detrimental to their concept of the world. Personal thoughts about how things should be influence what ideas one expresses. These shared moments with others determine ones ideas of the world. In knowing this, it becomes important to know what individuals are saying and consider those thoughts.

One relationship that is vital is ones concepts of God. Is God a loving God? Or is God a wrathful punisher? These thoughts are generated from those people in ones life who have other concepts of who God is. These ideas are passed down through generations and through the discrimination of knowledge and ideas. Perhaps this topic is the most widely discussed aside from the ones thoughts about society. This can be seen in the variety of religions and philosophies that purport their validity. As a observation, these concepts of God is perhaps the most important conversations one must have with others. Ones thoughts about God can determine many choices one make in their life.

People want grace and people need grace because of sin. God gives grace through Jesus. Give grace to others. As a fallible, imperfect people, the relationships that are formed with others may necessitate grace and forgiveness from others. Forgiveness of wrong doing to another is affect towards that person.

Our concept of relationships are reenforced by the relationships in ones life. Are people good? Jesus loves you.

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