Visiting and bringing gifts to those in need can bring joy and encouragement to those who can not get out of bed. And it may also be important to cover their cost, especially those in need. A little under the  weather. When one is not feeling well, one can still be active in getting better. A way of doing this is by asking those around one to pray for oneself. Another way to help pay for costly hospital bills is to start temporary businesses with those people around ones life. Give an equal amount to certain individuals who may be interested in contributing to the repayment of hospital services. It does not have to be much, but, one needs a product. Most anything will do. Some may choose a teddy bear while others may choose another product. One can also make something while getting better. A nice thank you card may also be appropriate for those purchasing crafts or the product. If one is not able to make things, it can be purchased off the internet at a good pride.

For example, someone who does not feel well may choose to make scarves or whittle a bear out of wood. This can be given to others in exchange for charity towards paying off high costing medical bills.

Tithing what one receives is also just as important. Think about giving to a charity of choice too. Spending time with those we love can bring peace and joy to all. Having peace of mind can be healing. Good.

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