There was a flash of light and the whole house shook. It was a stormy night and Mel was in contemplation, what to do about his bills. He had maxed out his credit cards and his paycheck would be received after the bills were due. He needed to do something about it, but what? Perhaps he could buy something specifically for each specific bill. So for his rent bill, he would sell a door knob, and for his credit card, he would sell thank you cards. He did this for all of his bills specifically. A thought came across him suddenly, he could sell the items as a group or all at the same time. But how much to spend? Maybe he could spend as much as the minimum payment amount and sell the item or service for double that amount. For one of his credit cards, he could buy paint and brushes so he could continue to generate an income every month. But, he looked at his credit cards and they were maxed out, how and where would he get the cash to buy these things? He decided to get a very small loan, only about $100 from his friend. He would also go halves with the guy. He would have to wait until his next paycheck to pay the guy back. Mel also needed to make a new budget that reflected the debt and income from his new venture. But the main issue was that he had massive amounts of inventory that needed to be moved, so he finally sold it at cost to recoup the investment.

In a short while, Mel was able to pay his friend back and get out of debt. Now that he was out of debt, he figured he could continue to do the same thing. So he kept selling things and made a little extra each month. He even got points and cash back on some of his credit cards. On top of that, he would buy in bulk and get  discounts and saved the extra items for the following months. His favorite thing to sell was refillable cups and he would tell everyone to refill it as much as they wanted.

The storm was now over and the sun shone brightly. Mel was happy to get out of debt. He was debt free.

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