The individuals in the company were hungry. Then all of a sudden one of the mangers brought in trays of food from the local restaurant. They had chili, vegetable soup, and clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. It included crackers and fresh chive. Everyone was happy and ate the whole thing. It didn’t cost much either, in fact, the manger got it for about $100. And also got a great discount and the drinks for free. Stacks of coupons also was placed by the food. They all enjoyed eating and talking. There was so much food left over that they all took home a full meal.

The next week, they all had a great idea! Perhaps they could bless their non-profit that they work with. So the staff all pitched in and bought lunch for the charity. Everyone at the charity was so surprised and excited to receive such a generous gifts they all wrote a thank you card and sent it. The restaurant started to get requests for their food and they were in business again.

Lunch time and everyone is hungry. Buying the office lunch may be a great way to treat ones co-workers. It should not cost as much as one thinks. Also, one can ask for a discount on the order. Or, better yet, ask the restaurant to give it for free. And ask them to offer coupons to pass out to the office. They often have a punch card which allows the customer to get a free meal after 10 visits. One can also receive a company discount and the food can be delivered too.

One can also buy lunches for other organizations as well. A non-profit or charity might look upon this as a generous gesture and they may be very appreciative.

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