Video Game

Once upon a time, there were 3 teams that wanted to see which team could make the best video. So, each team set to make a 2 min. video that best represented a charity, the children’s hospital. Each had their own angle and posted their video on the website. The people would view the video and vote if they liked it. They had a great time making the videos. Team 1 did a interview while team 2 did a history and time piece. Team 3 focused one the life of a patient. The winning team got 10,000 likes, the second place team got 9,000 likes, and the last team got 8,000 likes so they had to donate since it was for charity. They all met up for a dinner and presentation and everyone enjoyed it. The next time they would donate to a church.

One can donate as much as one can. Make images or videos and have a contest. Whoever gets the most likes wins. The team who has the least likes must make a donation of a specific amount. Several videos can also enter the contest. Also, the person with the least likes must pay the video with the most likes the difference between the number of likes.

So for example:

team 1 has 10,000 likes

team 2 has 9,000 likes

team 2 must give $1000 to team 1. They must pay the difference. Now if multiple teams want to join the contest, this is what it looks like:

team 1 has 10,000 likes

team 2 has 9,000 likes

team 3 has 8,000 likes

So in this scenario, team 2 must give $1000 to team 1 and team 3 must give team 1 $2000. Or maybe a meal would suffice.

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