She was having a really hard time balancing her budget. She had to make a new budget. She tried all kinds of budgets but none of them worked out. Everyday she would try to spend less but alas, to no avail.

Than one evening she went to a saving party and met her friend who announced that he was now completely out of debt. He proudly explained how he was able to double his income every month. So she asked him how he did it and he told her the whole story.

That night, she arranged all of her bills to be scheduled for payment at the end of the month. She got payed at the beginning of the month and she would buy something of value to sell. So the next month she bought art from her friend the artist and sold it to others. By the end of the month, she doubled her income and was happy. She wisely used that money to pay off her debt.

Here is what her budget looked like,

pay day $3000

double her income $3000 + $3000

pay off debt $6000

But wait, there’s more. She continued to double her income every month. Now once that amount was paid off she had $3000 extra each month. So she decided to invest it into her stock portfolio. In time, she was able to amass great wealth.

Here is her new budget,

payday $3000

double her income $3000 + $3000

invest in stock portfolio $3000

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