Good Co.

The people of Good Co. would like to invite everyone to join in the grand opening. There will be a ribbon cutting and refreshments. It will start with a speech by the president followed by a photo op.

The people of Good Co. pride themselves in having a good company. They are a legitimate business and enjoy the benefits of following the laws that govern business and because of this they profit further. They produce good people and they have good customers who like their product. They keep themselves clean through excellent training and customer service. They all know the law and work within them. There is no need to do anything illegal. It causes more trouble and costs more. And the company makes less. Foolish! One must start lying about their ill ventures and it allows employees to have an excuse to steal as well. Huge fines can be issued too and the whole company suffers. At its worst, the company fails and everyone loses. And everyone has to pay out of their own pockets to pay it back.

The principles of this company is that they value their employees and their customers. It’s product is care for its people. They donate a lot of their time and money to charity and the managers enjoy working there. The president also has vested interest in the company. They all believe in the product and support it. They all care for each other too. This is the type of company one wants to work for.

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