Micro Budget

A wonderful thing it is to be able to have a small budget. It can be seen as a delight to be able to see the accomplishment of keeping it. Taking time in the morning to do this is important. It may be difficult at times when ones friends can spend more than ones self. But, don’t dismay for a little sacrifice now will pay dividends in the future. Take the archer for example, with a little practice and discipline, the archer can be proficient at saving. The swimmer is the same way, he must practice alone to cut his time.

So be encouraged to bring ones lunch and do something productive with that time. Things that one can do is to read the Bible, hang out with people, go excersize, watch an episode of ones favorite TV show. One can also make something like writing a hand written letter to someone. Perhaps even reading and meditating on a Psalm or Proverb might be good or a combination of this.

One can also use a coupon when going out to eat or get several small items from the a la carte menu. Or split a big item with someone.

All of these options may be beneficial to ones budget.

2 thoughts on “Micro Budget

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